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RELAX Vegan Soy Scented Candle, 9oz

RELAX Vegan Soy Scented Candle, 9oz

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Ready for some "Me Time"? Relax your body & mind with a Spiritual Hooligan vegan soy scented candle. Made from vegan soy coconut wax, these scented candles are hand-poured and come in an eco-friendly, reusable glass container with lid.

Find your center again. Imagine ending your day by taking a deep breath and lighting this fragrant soy candle. Take a seat in your favorite place, close your eyes and relax into a peaceful state. What a great way to start living with intention and raise your personal vibration!

Invite the positive energy in. For centuries people have used the simple act of lighting a candle to create a moment of ritual, intention setting and peace of mind. You not you?

Great gifts. Soy candles make great gifts for your friends that are into living with intention. Perfect for every room to increase the positive energy.

Our soy candles come in two relaxing scents: Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla.

  • One size (2.75" x 3.5") (6.9cm x 8.8cm)
  • Hand-poured vegan soy coconut wax
  • Average burn time - 50 hours
  • Permanent adhesive label
  • Comes in a reusable, eco-friendly glass container with lid
  • Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
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