A dream realized.

Ever since I can remember I've felt connected to something bigger than myself.

When I was a teen I lived on a very small island in the Pacific Northwest. Given I wasn't able to drive yet, in the summers I found myself hitch-hiking to work at the t-shirt shop my dad owned. We lived down a very long dirt road, and it was a half a mile to a busy enough road where I could catch a ride.

While walking alone I remember listening to the breeze in the trees, and watching the birds fly by. Squirrels, deer and whatever else was around just kept doing their thing as I continued my walk.

It was at this time that I fell in love with silence and began to notice a rhythm of life. I became aware that I was both inside and outside of "life" at the same time. The witness and witnessing.

Fast forward to my adult years. My spiritual journey has many chapters. The thread that ties them all together is the awareness that what we surround ourselves with matters. The people, the environment and the things we interact with daily are all ingredients in the recipe for our individual lives.

Spiritual Hooligan Living is the culmination of lessons learned, passions expressed and intentions realized. I designed this collection for me, and for you.

It's my hope you find something here that you love. That you want in your space or on your body. Something reminds you about the power of living on your terms.

Thank you for stopping on your journey today.

Kristen Marie Ferry

 A little about the Spiritual Hooligan brand.

Created in 2011, the Spiritual Hooligan icon combines the serenity of a meditative pose with the power of a flame igniting ones connection to the infinite.

How do you know if you are a Spiritual Hooligan?

Convention has never really been your thing. You are inherently curious about the world around you, and you know there is more to it all than meets the eye.

You consider kindness and compassion essential to navigating your way through life. Most of the time, it feels like people don’t really get you, but that’s not new and you don’t mind.

Spiritual Hooligans have their own thing going on. They aren’t defined by their age, their ethnicity or the status quo.

How do we know? Because that’s us. We are Spiritual Hooligans!