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12 Qualities & Characterists of a Spiritual Hooligan

Being a spiritually minded, positive energy person in a world filled with negativity isn’t always easy. 

Luckily, Spiritual Hooligans seem to have an inner light that illuminates their way. 

Whether you’ve known since you were little that you saw things differently than others, or your awakening came as the result of living a lot of life, you instinctively know that all is well. 

Some say you are an old soul. Others say you march to your own drummer. Either way, life works for you, even when things are rocky. You have deep sense of who you are and what’s most important. You just know.

Spiritual Hooligans come in all shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. What we all share seems to be a collection of traits that are just a part of who we are. Can’t explain it. We just embrace it.

Here are some of the qualities we find in ourselves. See how many speak to you.

#1. You question everything and don’t follow the spiritual traditions or cultural dogma just because you’re “supposed to”

Whether you grew up in a religious family or not, traditional religion has never really spoken to you. Many Spiritual Hooligans find themselves questioning the basics of religious and cultural dogma, and often can’t make sense of rules or beliefs that imply people are less than or not divine in their inherent nature.

Spiritual curiosity

#2. You are extremely curious about yourself and your environment

Spiritual Hooligans are naturally curious. They wonder how things work and look at ancient traditions and modern modalities to inform they unique way of relating to the world.

#3. People seek your wisdom and counsel

Are you the one that people confide in? Since you can remember, people have been drawn to you. Your energy and your perspectives are attractive and interesting to others, even when they can’t figure out why.

#4. You possess an inner knowing and have a strong sense of self

Most likely you really enjoy your own company. Being alone has always felt natural and good. Often you seek silence to recharge the batteries and keep yourself in a centered place when out in the world, doing your thing.

#5. You meditate, contemplate and seek to maintain a quiet mind

Whatever your combination of practices, you find time to be still and and appreciate the silence.  Maybe that’s in the car on long drives, or at home doing some mindful projects around the house. Either way, you like to engage in activities that allow the mind to be in a carefree, peaceful state. 

#6. Your intuition is strong and you use it to navigate life

Somehow you just know things. You have a strong “gut” and have always used it to make decisions. Others sense you have good intuition and ask for your advice. Spiritual Hooligans are often trusted advisors.

#7. You tend to be in the flow most of the time

It’s so fun to be in the flow. Hitting all green lights. Enjoying perfect timing. Having problems solve themselves. Spiritual Hooligans naturally flow from thing to thing throughout the day. Some all it being in the zone. For you, it’s just how you roll.

#8. You are unconcerned with impressing anyone

Long ago you saw that there is no one way to live life. You decided it’s more fun playing by your own rules than worrying about what others think. This freedom is the source of great creativity and resilience.

#9. You trust that all is well

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of life. And, as a Spiritual Hooligan you innately know that things always work out. Things aren’t always as they seem. You know divine justice is in play and ultimately, that all is well.

#10. Magic happens around you
Serendipity. Flow. Luck. The Golden Touch. Whatever you label it you, you know what it feels like for things to go your way.  

#11. You often times find yourself in a state of awe and wonder for no particular reason

Spiritual Hooligans find joy in the smallest of things. A sunset. A ladybug landing on a flower. No matter how hectic or busy life gets, you always find yourself noticing little things that reconnect you to just how awesome life is.

#12. Your presence is experienced as a gift because you give people the freedom to be themselves around you.

People love to be around you and your playful way of being. You tend to be a magnet that people are drawn to, even though you feel like a bit of an outsider at times. In the end, joy, laughter and fun are some of your favorite super powers. 

Being a Spiritual Hooligan is about living life on your terms, no matter what is happening around you. Life is an adventure, and the world your playground. Enjoy!


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